Boulder blockchain firm lands TV deal

Blockchain firm Blackstar Enterprise Group Inc. (OTCQB: BEGI) has landed a deal for a three-month TV series with the financial news network New To The Street TV, the company said Thursday in a news release.

The show will feature interviews with the management team at Blackstar and focus on the firm’s corporate fundamentals. It will be syndicated on Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV and Newsmax TV. The air date for the show has yet to be determined.

Blackstar is developing the Blackstar Digital Trading Platform, a peer-to-peer digital equity trading platform based on the blockchain. The platform is intended to be licensed to public companies whose stock is traded over-the-counter.

Companies that license the platform would have a customizable interface that allows them to issue securities and facilitate public and private offerings. All transactions, customer data, corporate governance information would be recorded immutably on an Amazon Web Services-based blockchain. The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority would have full access to all the information stored in the blockchain. According to its website, Blackstar hopes this increased transparency will mitigate many of the risks of investing in OTC stocks and restore investor confidence in trading shares of OTC companies.

“We look forward to sharing all our corporate ongoings and milestones with New to the Street across its unrivaled business TV syndicated platform,” said Blackstar chairman Joseph Kurczodyna in a statement. “We see these upcoming interview broadcastings as a fantastic way to inform viewers about BEGI’s current business.”

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