Owner Gives Shiba Inu Up Due To Asthma, It Runs 8km Home To Find Her

Shiba Inu Runs Over 2 Hours Away From New Home To Reunite With Previous Owner In China

As the saying goes, a dog is man’s best friend. Once you form a connection with them, you can be certain that these loyal animals will never leave your side.

A Shiba Inu in China, named Saisai, proved this to be true by trekking 8km over two hours to return to his previous owner, Zhao.

Source: @044440ZYZ on Douyin

According to the owner, she had previously given him away to her friend due to her asthma and allergy to dog fur.

Shiba Inu trekked 8km to reunite with old owner

South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that Zhao and Saisai lived with each other for almost eight years in Heilongjiang, China.

In the caption to her Douyin post, she said she suffers from severe asthma and recently discovered she was allergic to dog fur after a hospital stay.

Therefore, she had no choice but to give the dog, which she had raised for eight years, away to her friend who lived 8km away.

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop the loyal pup from allegedly running for two hours to reunite with Zhao.

Source: @044440ZYZ on Douyin

The journey back home must have been arduous one — Saisai couldn’t stop drinking water when he returned.

Source: @044440ZYZ on Douyin

Thankfully, a new dog house was built for Saisai, who will now continue to live with Zhao forever.

Owner did not expect to reunite with Shiba Inu

In the Douyin video, Zhao expressed her surprise at seeing the dog at her doorstep.

When she heard a noise at her door, she did not expect to see her beloved Shiba Inu waiting on the other side.

She can be heard asking in Mandarin, “How did you come back? How did you run back?”

Source:@044440ZYZ on Douyin

In the next scene, tears could be seen streaming down the dog’s face.

Gently patting his head, Zhao comforted the canine and told him not to cry.

But at the end of the video, she herself sniffled, presumably because she was feeling emotional from the unexpected reunion.

Heartwarming video touches netizens’ hearts

When this video was reposted to Facebook by SCMP, many were impressed by the dog’s loyalty and touched by the pair’s moving reunion. One said the dog had clearly chosen Zhao to be his owner, so she has to treat him well.

shiba inu

Source: South China Morning Post on Facebook

Another person reiterated that Saisai’s journey back home must have been arduous. So he deserves all of Zhao’s love for his unwavering dedication.

shiba inu reuinion

Source: South China Morning Post on Facebook

One commenter even shared a similar experience she had with four of her dogs. She had allegedly sent them away as she was unable to feed them daily. However, they unexpectedly returned home four days later. To this day, she has no idea how it happened.

shiba inu reunion

Source: South China Morning Post on Facebook

Hope the two will live happily together

It is unfortunate that Zhao and Saisai had to be separated at first due to Zhao’s asthma.

Thankfully, they were able to find a solution that allows them to live together without compromising her health. After all, the loyal dog has made it clear that he wants to be by her side no matter what.

We hope that the two will continue living together happily for many years to come.

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Featured image adapted from @044440ZYZ on Douyin and Douyin.