Investors Already Net Huge Profit From Gnox (GNOX) That Polkadot (DOT) And The Sandbox (SAND) Can’t Match

The bear market is putting a real squeeze on the crypto market, with even the largest cryptos tanking. Bitcoin has been in a downtrend since November last year and has dragged the entire market along with it. Worse still, Bitcoin dominance is rising whilst Bitcoin is in a downtrend; in layman’s terms, this means altcoins are bleeding and bleeding heavily. However, not all coins are posting losses. This article features three crypto projects, one of which is taking no notice of the current bearish sentiment.  

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox is ignoring the bearish market sentiment and has soared by more than 60% in the last month alone and is giving all the signals it will continue its climb. Gnox is an interesting protocol that has generated a fair amount of attention from analysts and the community. It seeks to transform DeFi (decentralised finance) investment from its current complicated, time-consuming form into a smooth, single-point-of-contact investment.

GNOX tokens holders are participating in DeFi earning through a single investment vehicle. Gnox has made this possible through its treasury fund, built via buy and sell taxes on every transaction of GNOX. The treasury is utilised to earn on behalf of investors within DeFi, and every 30 days, all the generated yield is swapped to stablecoin and reflected to token holders. On top of this, GNOX holders also receive an automatic redistribution of GNOX tokens every hour.

The developers at Gnox have purposely built the treasury with growth at its core, because only the proceeds, never the principal, are distributed amongst investors, this treasury fund is set to accrue with time and early investors now are betting on large stablecoin payouts in the future. If these large payouts materialise, it goes without saying that the value of GNOX will soar.

Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot is a protocol that has some of the most tremendous potential amongst established crypto projects. Currently sat at eleventh by market cap, many wait for the day that this project breaks into the ranks of the top ten. The Polkadot system takes a different approach to the majority of well-funded crypto projects, which are almost exclusively layer one protocols with their own blockchain and native currency.

A layer zero protocol is the best way to describe Polkadot and its vision. It aims to bring blockchains together in a fully decentralised web. Through its parachains Polkadot seeks to transfer data and value between isolated blockchains bringing a new era of interoperability. This communication will be essential in powering the decentralisation of the future, and DOT, now trading at $7, will be a crypto giant of the future. 

The Sandbox (SAND)

SAND is the native token for The Sandbox, one of the major players in virtual real estate. Built on top of the Ethereum network, Sandbox is a protocol leading the way into the future of gaming and virtual estate holdings. SAND can be used to buy plots of land and a litany of other NFTs.

The Sandbox is primed to be a key player in the coming wave of metaverse real estate, an industry that has already seen enormous growth. The Sandbox is in the perfect position to capitalise on this rapid influx of cash. SAND now trades at $1.24, but it is doubtful it will stay at this price and will likely target its ATH (All-Time High) of $8.44 in the coming months.

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