Tezos RPC Service by MIDL.dev is a new offering allowing NFT and DeFi Web apps to interact with the Tezos network, cheaply and reliably

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Behind every Tezos service is a set of Tezos Nodes, connecting to the peer-to-peer network relaying transactions for inclusion in a block.

With Tezos rapid upgrade cadence, keeping the nodes up-to-date is important.

MIDL.dev, a cloud services company specializing in proof-of-stake cryptocurrency, just launched their Tezos RPC Service.

For a moderate fee, it is possible for developers to leverage the company’s highly available, geographically distributed nodes to ensure service reliability. This frees the team to focus on their core competencies.

The service is offered at moderate price of US$7 per million requests and the first 100k thousand requests are free.

MIDL.dev Tezos RPC service also offers unlimited access to Ghostnet, the recently launched long-running testnet for the Tezos network.

MIDL.dev is a leading Tezos service provider established in Estonia and has been active since 2020, offering a non-custodial Tezos Baking Service.