Are the Safemoon Army Downing Their Weapons for Another Cause?

A newly launched project called EverGrow Coin recently caught my eye as I was browsing Twitter. It seems in the 8 weeks since the launch they have grown quite a following, with nearly 40,000 Twitter followers and over 105,000 investors in their project. EverGrow is a deflationary coin, much like Safemoon, which means their token is designed to become scarcer over time, but there are also a few major differences between the two projects.

Most significantly, whilst Safemoon pays rewards in their native token, which has certainly had its disadvantages with Safemoon still so far from their April all-time-high, EverGrow pays rewards in Binance-pegged USD, a regulated stable coin, pegged one-to-one with the US dollar. In fact, according to EverGrow’s rewards tracker,, the project has paid $27 million of rewards to their investors inside the first two months of the project.

Beyond this, over 8 months in, Safemoon have only managed to launch their wallet so far, something akin to existing solutions like Trust Wallet & Metamask, whereas EverGrow Coin are developing a suite of innovative platforms & utilities, specifically designed to contribute directly to investor rewards:

Is it no surprise then that whilst browsing EverGrow’s Twitter feed, I was greeted by dozens of comments and likes by accounts sporting the colours and images of the EverGrow Army! Handles like EverGrowLove, EverGrow John, and many others are all engaging with enthusiasm on the Twitter of this plucky upstart!

So, it seems that perhaps many members of the mighty Safemoon Army have switched allegiance, or at least had their heads turned by the attractive rewards and clear innovations of this newly launched project. It’ll be interesting to see where this leads for EverGrow Coin.