Big Eyes Coin has high presale potential, looks to be the Shiba Inu of 2022

Meme coins have gained prominence in the market thanks to their history of the unprecedented price increase, which has made many crypto millionaires. The previous trading year witnessed Dogecoin’s huge price increase, and many thought such a feat was impossible for a meme coin again until Shiba Inu did its own the same year.

The two events have widely changed crypto enthusiasts’ perception of meme coins, with most market players highlighting them as a ‘must-have’ in your crypto portfolio.

Several meme coins launched in 2022 but must have gone unnoticed, except Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and some others. Big Eyes Coin is a meme coin that boasts decentralised finance (DeFi) related utility, and many have dubbed it the ‘Shiba Inu of 2022’ as they’re optimistic about the crypto’s great run after a successful presale.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) – The Canine Coin comeback

Shiba Inu came into the market two years ago as an ERC-20 token. The developers described it as “an experiment” in their quest to build a “decentralised spontaneous community.”

This experiment, however, became a project that made many millionaires after an infamous tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk saw it start to gain market prominence.


Jordan Belfort also tweeted about the Meme coin about a month after Elon’s tweets, and about 10 days after, Shiba Inu announced the number of holders had jumped from 13,000 before Elon and Jordan’s tweet to 100,000 within a month.

While other factors are also responsible for this increase, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the effects of the endorsements from the giant market players. 

The meme coin then rode on this wave, with integrations of features like the ShibaSwap and community-building endeavors, to become a successful meme coin and one of the most valuable crypto assets in the market today. Many people regret not adopting the project earlier, and this may be the case for those overlooking Big Eyes Coin.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) – The adorable cat with big goals

Unlike Shiba, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) gradually gains market prominence before launching, and influencers’ endorsement may have a more positive effect on the meme coin than Shiba.

The DeFi-related meme coin is also community-centered and has various contests, rewards, and incentives, to motivate participation in community growth. One of which is a $250k contest where 10 lucky participants can get to win $25k. Learn more about the contest here.

Big Eyes Coin also has its swap (Big Eyes Swap) and other features contributing to its current market popularity. Analysts believe the cryptocurrency has had a better run than Shiba Inu during its presale stage, tipping it to enjoy a similar market success or a better one than the dogekiller.


Big Eyes Coin has gathered over $2 million in presale, and it looks set to achieve the presale target in less time than expected, making early entry a smart decision. The meme coin is at the second presale stage, which is selling out fast, and it will soon experience a 25% increase in presale price. Some believe the cat-theme meme coin has earned its comparison with Shiba Inu (Shib) and may prove doubters wrong as Shiba did.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is seemingly another opportunity to gain big from the crypto market if you missed out on Shiba Inu. 

You can join the presale here