Complainants File For Dave Portnoy’s Dismissal From SafeMoon Lawsuit


SafeMoon investors are letting off American blogger, internet celeb Dave Portnoy after complainants filed for his dismissal from the lawsuit against him for allegedly promoting the SafeMoon token.

The recent filing for dismissal comes after Portnoy’s side claimed that he has no connection with the SafeMoon project.

Dave Portnoy was sued by SafeMoon investors for apparently ‘pumping SafeMoon’. Later, Portnoy clarified that he never received any compensation from the SafeMoon project and has also lost a lot of money after his investment in the token.

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On August 08, he also tweeted that even before making investment, he told people that the project may be a scam and also asked his followers if he should sue the complainants for wasting his time.

Last month, Dave also alleged that he was facing criticism from SafeMoon for “unfair representations” and giving the company “a bad look” by mentioning his token losses on his show. His complaint further revealed that the project had asked him to update his holdings to version 2.