Deflation From Uniglo.Io As Significant Amount Of Tokens Go To The Abyss, Ethereum Foundation May Copy Burn Mechanic

While you might not like the sound of a “crypto abyss,”—it’s actually a good thing. Especially for those who invest before even more tokens are placed in it and lost forever. With the most deflationary set of measures ever seen in crypto, Uniglo is preparing to destroy a huge number of tokens on its official launch in just a few days’ time, meaning there’s only a tiny window left to invest before predicted gains start rolling in. 

GLO is already listed as one crypto that’s set to explode in price over the coming weeks and months. Its fanbase is growing, and these early investors are preparing themselves for stratospheric gains once the platform burns every leftover pre-sale token on official launch day. Developers of other crypto projects are so impressed by GLO’s deflationary burn credentials that they’re thinking about copying them. Here’s why: 

Last chance to buy GLO before mega-burn event on launch 

With the most deflationary set of features ever seen in crypto, many experts believe that GLO is primed for the big time. It could soon become a major player in the DeFi investment world, and those who invested during its current pre-sale will enjoy huge profits for their portfolio. But time is running out: pre-sale prices are only available for a few more days before the official launch. After that, every unsold token from pre-sale will be destroyed: increasing the scarcity of those tokens already in circulation. This mega-burn event will sit alongside GLO’s already unprecedented tokenomics, which will continue to burn more tokens throughout the project’s journey to the top. Combined with GLO’s asset-backed store of value that’s protected against market dips, the future is looking fruitful for early Uniglo investors. 

Ethereum Foundation could improve its potential with a burn mechanic similar to GLO’s 

As a non-profit organization that aims to support and improve Ethereum-based technologies, Ethereum Foundation has a ton of scope for long-term success in the crypto world. But its credentials could be improved by implementing the same next-level burn mechanics that GLO brings to the table. That’s why rumors continue to swirl that Ethereum Foundation may soon follow GLO’s lead and implement similar burn tokenomics to help shore up the project’s future. 


Tons of different crypto projects could improve their prospects by implementing the industry-leading burn mechanics GLO offers. But as of right now: GLO is the only one that offers them. That’s why it’s the best investment in the crypto space by a wide margin. 

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