WASHINGTON , Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Iconic Moments, the first NFT marketplace dedicated entirely to cultural institutions, is producing a collection of 5,000 NFTs based on the iconic American “Jailed for Freedom” pin. Dubbed Modern Rebels, the campaign will support the Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation’s (WSNMF) congressionally authorized mission to bring the first-ever national monument dedicated to the early American movement for women’s equality to Washington D.C.

The Modern Rebels collection of NFTs artfully depicts the iconic “Jailed for Freedom” pin. In 1917, this pin was given as a badge of honor to 168 women jailed for picketing for the right to vote. Originally designed by suffragist Nina Allender and produced by Tiffany & Co, the pin has persisted as a symbol of women’s equality for more than 100 years.

The jail pin symbol will take on new life as part of the Modern Rebels collection, with artistic interpretations of the pin’s jail cell door and heart-shaped padlock provided by artist Lexie Baker. The collection spans across two rarity tiers and a variety of traits; each NFT is unique.

Modern Rebels also serves as a way to bring artists together for a common cause. Baker’s digital art is accompanied by artisan metalworker Michelle Keller’s bespoke, custom jail pin necklace. Each collector who purchases a Modern Rebels NFT will receive one of these limited-edition, handcrafted pieces of jewelry that — like the NFTs — evokes the rebellious spirit of the Jailed For Freedom pin worn by suffragists over a century ago.

Casual collectors and NFT enthusiasts alike will have the opportunity to participate in the Modern Rebels campaign and directly contribute to the efforts of the Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation as the collection will be available via a simple, one-click credit card purchase experience.

“The combination of new technology, stunning artwork, education, and captivating storytelling is what makes this opportunity so great. We can’t wait to see the community that emerges from this campaign, and how the legacy of the suffragists will inspire them,” said Anna Laymon, Executive Director of the Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation.

“This monument is not just commemorating the past, but also honoring the fight for women’s rights today,” said Chris Cummings, Founder and CEO of Iconic Moments. “The Modern Rebels NFT campaign is an opportunity for people to come together and build a monument through a broad community effort.”

The Modern Rebels collection will be available for purchase via credit card or ethereum wallet transaction, providing an accessible way for NFT enthusiasts, casual collectors, and those simply seeking a way to support the WSNMF to contribute to the funding of their monument efforts. Those interested in learning more or gaining allowlist access for the collection can visit www.iconicmoments.co.

About Iconic Moments:

Iconic Moments is the first and only NFT marketplace that captures stories and moments in history, media, pop culture, art, and collectibles, securing them on the blockchain as dynamic collections of NFTs. Using our collective knowledge and experience in curation, NFT strategy, marketing, and community building, we work alongside our partners to develop enticing, story-rich campaigns centered on the deep culture and heritage their collections hold. https://www.iconicmoments.co/ 

About the Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation:

The Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation leads the effort to fund, design, develop, and construct the congressionally authorized Women’s Suffrage National Monument. The monument will serve as a lasting legacy of the longest political movement in American history and honor the generations of women who protested in their decades-long fight for equality.

The Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation is supported by all living First Ladies — Dr. Jill Biden, Mrs. Melania Trump, Mrs. Michelle Obama, Mrs. Laura Bush, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter — as Honorary Chairs. In their role as Honorary Chairs, the First Ladies spearhead the Foundation’s efforts to ensure that the 36 million people who visit our National Mall each year experience a deeper and more inclusive American story. Read more about the First Ladies’ service as Honorary Chairs, including direct quotes about their involvement with the Foundation here: https://www.womensmonument.org/first-ladies-named-as-honorary-chairs-of-the-womens-suffrage-national-monument-foundation

The Foundation is also supported by a Council of Ambassadors, the organization’s honorary body of renowned leaders uniting across industries and political parties to champion the Foundation. Ambassadors to the Foundation include Rosario Dawson, Ken Burns, Monica Padman, Malcolm Gladwell, Retta, and more. The full Council of Ambassadors can be found at https://www.womensmonument.org/council-of-ambassadors.


SOURCE Iconic Moments