Tether accuses Bloomberg of Fishing Age-old News for Headlines

Tether throws punches on Bloomberg for fishing out old news for headlines. In its latest blog post, Tether accuses Bloomberg of spreading false information to stay in the limelight.

Tether calls out that Bloomberg has proven itself time and time again to be desperate for attention in an industry that they do not understand and are a threat to the current cryptocurrency industry.

Tether’s exasperation for Bloomberg comes due to the latter’s recent news report on fowler’s case posted by Bloomberg seems to be an old one. Tether claims it to be factually wrong information and takes it as an attack from Bloomberg. It believes that the sole purpose of posting that news is to tarnish their reputation. 

Tether claims that Bloomberg first reported on the DOJ’s “investigation” in November of 2018 and in the years after. In the time since Bloomberg has reported multiple inaccurate stories in their false fixtuature on Tether and its sister company bitfinex.

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Tether reports that they only enhanced cooperation with the DOJ by helping the department in real time in connection with some of the biggest cybercrime and national security cases in the country. 

In fact, Tether executives have never had interactions with the DOJ in connection with any investigation for well over a year, and the DOJ does not appear to be actively investigating Tether. 

On the other hand, Tether and Bitfinex have actually been identified as victims in the Fowler case that Bloomberg references.

In its blog, Tether says, “It is simply a shame that supposedly reliable media such as Bloomberg find difficulties in understanding a technology that is revolutionizing the world. It is also a shame that their lack of accuracy, knowledge and curiosity have such consequences on believers in the industry. It is because of this we will see their outdated style of reporting and news coverage surpassed by new and innovative decentralized technologies.”