Top Reasons Why Dogeliens, Avalanche, and Fantom are The Best Coins to Buy in 2022

Dogeliens is a newly born memecoin striving to build massive value and reach the stars. It calls its ecosystem of crypto-based services the Dogeliens Universe.

Just as the universe continues to expand, Dogeliens (DOGET) has a host of DeFi services open for continuous expansion. This article will explain these services and why they are significant to Dogeliens.

What is DOGET

DOGET is a BEP-20 memecoin created to promote a robust economy in the Dogeliens universe. Since it is a dog-themed token like DogeCoin, $DOGET can be classified as a memecoin.

However, looking at the utilities it facilitates, it is evident that DOGET is not a regular memecoin that pumps and dumps within the hour. Instead, it is similar to Shiba Inu, a popular memecoin with multiple DeFi use cases.


Meanwhile, DOGET still presents itself as a better investment option than Shiba Inu. Why? Shiba Inu had no value or viable utility at its creation.

In fact, for a few months, it was merely a pump-and-dump project. On the contrary, DOGET comes with utilities that investors will begin to see manifested right after its launch.

Dogeliens Use Cases You Don’t Want To Miss

The first blockchain-based utility is the Dogeliens play-to-earn game called Planet Puptopia. It features everything a blockchain game could have, including an immersive gaming environment facilitated by Dogelien NFTs.

Dogelien NFTs or Pups are like metaverse avatars representing every player in Puptopia. To begin playing this game, players will need a Dogelien pup because there is absolutely no activity you can carry out without one of those Pups.

In Puptopia, players can start by entering the battle zone. Then, they use their Dogelien Pup to fight with others and overpower them.

If you win battles successfully, you can go home with DOGET tokens which you may sell for real money (on a crypto exchange). At the same time, you may use the DOGET reward to buy NFT upgrades that will increase your Pup’s power and make it more valuable.

To make your battles more exciting and rewarding, Dogeliens also introduces the Pup-litter. In this mode, a maximum of four players can form a squad and fight every battle together. Of course, the squad can win more battles and share more $DOGET rewards.

You can explore other options if you don’t wish to fight battles. Puptopia has a Dogelien world filled with fun activities. Likewise, there is a walkie zone where players walk around with their Pups and collect useful flowers on their way. Later, they can convert these flowers or fruits into NFT wearables and in-game accessories.

Away from Planet Puptopia, Dogeliens also has more to offer in its universe. The team will create an NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell Dogelien Pups, NFT upgrades, and other in-game assets.

Further, Dogeliens is creating a token exchange platform to offer crypto traders easy and secure token exchange and lower trading costs.

What Makes Avalanche A Unique Blockchain?

Avalanche is a multiverse of blockchains. Its developers aim to solve slow payment turnouts, and Avalanche delivers just that. With the aid of Subnets, the network can process an infinite number of transactions per second.

Moreso, Subnets help Avalanche to keep a shallow carbon footprint. Each Subnet has its rules and mode of operation. Regardless, they all work to validate transactions on Avalanche, helping the network to finalize all transactions within 2 seconds.

Dogeliens vs. Fantom

Fantom provides one of the best blockchain services for a fraction of a cent. It is preferred to Ethereum because there are no exorbitant fees, and crypto payments are completed almost instantly.

Blockchain developers have found Fantom a suitable network to grow their ecosystems. As of this writing, over $641 million worth of crypto is locked in the Fantom chain. Moreover, multiple DeFi protocols have expanded their operations from Ethereum to Fantom.

How To Buy DOGET

You can participate early in the Dogeliens ecosystem by purchasing $DOGET in the ongoing presale. First, ensure you have created a crypto wallet that supports Wallet Connect or allows you to connect with decentralized platforms.

Next, purchase or deposit BNB or ETH to your wallet. You can now visit Dogeliens official website to get started. On the homepage, click Buy Now and connect your wallet with the platform directly or with Wallet Connect.

Afterward, enter the amount of BNB or ETH you wish to pay, and the platform will display an estimate of the DOGET tokens you will receive in return. Finally, click Buy and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Dogeliens is a memecoin with purpose. It plans to build a play-to-earn game that will keep players glued for hours. In this ever-expanding Dogeliens universe, $DOGET powers everything.

Therefore, traders and enthusiasts looking to become a part of the Dogeliens universe can purchase $DOGET at a meager price during the ongoing presale.

Dogeliens (DOGET)