Top 5 USDT Casinos – Tether Gambling Games

Tether offers a great hybrid between fiat currency and cryptocurrency. It has the benefits of a decentralized coin with the stability of the USD. As such, people love to hold Tether over the long run, and many like to use it to gamble.

Here, we have come up with a list of the 5 best USDT casinos that can be used to game.

  1. BC.Game (Best Overall)
  2. BitStarz (Best Bonuses)
  3. (Most Supported Coins)
  4. (Best Provably Fair)
  5. mBit Casino (Best For Poker)


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BC.Game is the first casino that we are taking a look at. BC.Game is known for having one of the largest selection of games out of all the online casinos.

In total, there are over 8000 games on the platform. While it is impossible to comment on the quality of those games due to their sheer number, it is safe to assume that a lot of the games, especially the more popular ones, are worth a try.

The casino also has a sportsbook that offers live bets. All of the major sports, and even many of the smaller ones, can be bet on. There is also a large selection of eSports titles available for wagering, although a couple of key titles are missing.


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We continue our list of the best USDT casinos with BitStarz. BitStarz is considered as one of the best crypto casinos in general due to its unique approach and the bonuses that it offers.

The bonuses begin when the players initially sign up to the platform. They don’t stop after that, as there are constant promotions being run by the casino. While some of the promotions have high requirements that need to be met, it is very easy to get free spins on the platform.

In total, BitStarz has received seven awards for its quality and dedication to providing a platform that is both safe and easy-to-use. It also has impeccable customer support, and has awards to prove it.

Unfortunately, the only problem with BitStarz is that it does not have a sportsbook. As long as players are okay with this, they should definitely give BitStarz a try.

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For players that just cannot gamble without betting some of their USDT on sports matches, Stake is the perfect casino.

While Stake has over 1000 casino games (and many live dealer games), it is primarily known for its sportsbook. It has almost any sport that anyone can imagine. Almost all of the matches are covered too (in some cases the teams playing are unheard of).

It also has numerous esport titles. However, there are a handful of titles that are not available. Despite that, Stake is a great platform with numerous options for placing live bets. There are tens of live events available at all times, with the weekend often having over a hundred.

» Sign Up To Here « is the next casino on our list of the best USDT casinos. It accepts USDT, other cryptocurrencies, and fiat.

Even though the casino does not have a sportsbook, it has numerous other positives. There is a lottery that players can take part in and win big. There are also over 400 live dealer games, making sure that there are multiple variations of each popular game.

New games are added to constantly. There is a specific tab on the homepage where players can take a look at all the new games that are available.

Due to it being a smaller casino than some of its competitors, is always running promotions to convince players to play on it. It also has a loyalty program that rewards players who constantly bet on the platform.

mBit Casino

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The last USDT casino we are taking a look at is mBit. The first thing that players should know about mBit is that it offers one of the best welcome bonuses out of all the casinos out there.

On top of that, it has over 3000 games, including over 2000 variants of video slots. This makes the casino great for players that prefer playing luck-based games.

Even though the casino does not have a sportsbook, it does run numerous races throughout the year. What this means is that avid gamblers can take part in the competitions and win large prizes.

Just like some of the other casinos on this list, mBit offers numerous promotions, and it is possible to easily win free spins on the platform.

USDT Casinos FAQ

USDT casinos are getting more and more popular every single day. That said, people still have questions when it comes to crypto-based gambling sites. Here are some of the most common questions asked by those looking for a cryptocurrency casino.

Why Use USDT to Gamble?

Using USDT to gamble is a no-brainer for some. This is because the currency is both stable and decentralized. As its value is pegged to the US Dollar, the fluctuations that are common to many other cryptocurrencies do not apply to USDT.

On top of this, USDT is also as anonymous as any other coin. This makes it ideal for holding over the long run. Eventually, it can either be used to gamble or converted to other coins.

Can USDT be Used With Other Currencies?

Yes, all of the aforementioned casinos accept USDT and other cryptocurrencies. Generally, crypto casinos rarely accept only a single coin, apart from a select few that accept Bitcoin only.

A lot of crypto casinos also accept fiat currency. Some allow players to bet with fiat outright, while others provide the option of using fiat to purchase cryptocurrency, and then use that currency to place bets.

How to Pick the Right USDT Casino?

The right USDT casino is different for every person. The list above does its best to pinpoint where the strength of each casino lies.

Players should consider factors such as game selection, sportsbooks, and payment options when selecting a casino to play on. It is also important to read a few reviews before making a final decision.

Lastly, also remember to check all the promotions that are available. It is best to go for a casino where it is possible to make the most of all the offers that are available.