‘Final Fantasy 14’ adds a giant Shiba Inu mount

Square Enix has released some brand new optional item content to Final Fantasy 14, and one of them includes a rideable Shiba Inu.

Released today via the Final Fantasy 14 online store, the Megashiba mount is an account-wide acquisition – meaning it will be accessible across all created characters – and costs £13.80.

The Megashiba mount is a fairly unique one as it comes with additional emotes the player can execute. There are three, including commands to make the adorable Shiba bark, seem happy, and look sad. You can check out the mount in-action below:

“Sold as a ‘mameshiba’, a nonexistent miniature Far Eastern dog, this creature continued to grow until it was larger than a man,” the item description reads.

“Yet despite being large enough to carry its master, it remains adorable as ever. Fond of walks – and the occasional flight – it is capable of performing a variety of mount actions.”

In the MMO, players can also obtain the “Mameshiba” as a minion and it looks exactly the same, complete with the green scarf and anklet, except the minion is much smaller.

Alongside a new mount, Square has also added new clothing items to the store named the “Street Attire.” This content is accessible to a single character and costs £15 and features a dyeable cap, jacket, top, handwear, cargo trousers, and high-top trainers. As usual, the gear will appear differently depending on the character’s race.

This is yet another more casual set to be added to the game, allowing players to dress in a more modern sense in the world of Eorzea.

In other news, Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.18 will launch on July 5 alongside a selection of brand new worlds. The Sagitarrius and Phantom worlds will be added for the Chaos data centre, while the Light data centre will receive Alpha and Raiden. Data Centre Travel is also planned to be implemented.