Indian used cars start-up launches auto showroom in metaverse

Metaverse is not just an abstract concept. It is already here and it is changing the way cars are sold. VR-based auto tech firm CarzSo has launched India’s first used cars showroom in the metaverse. “Users can buy pre-owned cars in the metaverse. They can choose from the assorted makes and models, all meticulously picked by us,” Vaibhav Sharma, founder and CEO of CarzSo told

CarzSo offers search tools that will help you find the car for you in just a few quick clicks. Users can browse through an extensive range of vehicles, filtering their search by make, model, price range, body type, etc, with the confidence of purchasing only the finest cars.

The company has also announced building an NFT-based parcel of land for launching an auto industry-focused metaverse, with this auto tech start-up plans to become the world’s first company to take the retail auto sector to the metaverse space.

According to Sharma, the company is focusing on building a gaming platform around this concept. The auto tech startup also aims to facilitate auto buyers and owners to create or mint virtual assets (NFTs) of their vehicles. This will provide vehicle owners with a unique digital identity for their vehicles. Additionally, the auto owners will also be able to create NFTs of their vehicle number plates that can be traded later.

The auto tech startup already has a web 2.0 presence which leverages VR and virtual showroom technologies to buy and sell cars. Thus, the new development will complement the company’s already existing virtual showrooms, enabling customers to skip a visit to the dealership and buy cars virtually.

“Being India’s first virtual reality and virtual showroom based auto tech company, it was incumbent upon us to unveil metaverse sooner than later, but seeing the traction with which the market is opening, the timing could not have been better. We are thrilled to finally be able to translate our vision into a reality with the world’s first auto industry focused web 3.0 company dealing in NFTs and meta land for auto industry players,”  Sharma added.