Partisia Blockchain ZEUS Mainnet 3.0 is Now Live for Customers

Partisia blockchain recently released Version 3.0 of the ZEUS mainnet. The update is the biggest milestone for the platform, releasing features like Zero Knowledge Nodes and Computation.

The Unified Public and Private Smart Contracts are termed Apollo. With ZEUS 3.0, Partisia is one step closer to elevating its MPC capabilities to the fullest. MPC offers numerous perks as a specification and blockchain method as modern technology.

The new smart contract language facilitates the specification of both private and public executions in syntax and the same structure. Several networks have previously attempted to conduct specifications for MPC.

Some of these projects came from the blockchain domain, where existing smart contract languages were retrofitted with private components. However, such attempts do not grasp the computational model and extensive need for private components.

Although preparing these solutions is intriguing, they were not strong enough to unify the MPC execution. In the meantime, other projects have emerged in the academic industry. Such solutions allow for unifying the execution but do not consider that specification languages need to define private and public executions.

In the latest version, Partisia can deploy Vickrey auctions on the network, carrying it to Ethereum and PBC. The network is also working to deploy the Polygon – Partisia Bridge with the ADA – Partisia Bridge. They even have after their collaborations coming in with several projects.

Peter Frandsen, the CTO and Co-Founder of the Partisia Blockchain Foundation released an official post to inform the users about the update. The post included the ZK node registry and preprocessed codes as well.

Given the update, it will certainly amass a huge audience for Partisia in the long term.