Savvy DeFi is officially out of stealth and getting ready for its launch

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Savvy DeFi Borrow Like a Billionaire banner

Savvy DeFi Borrow Like a Billionaire banner

I spent my time at JPMorgan effectively seeing how opportunity costs were not an issue for the wealthiest amongst us, and I believe DeFi can offer similar opportunities to everyone too”

— Roman Giler – Co-Founder/Project Lead

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, September 23, 2022 / — For the last year, a team of Web 2 and Web 3 experts has been building in stealth, looking for ways to advance DeFi by making crypto capital more liquid and efficient. This stealth building has just ended!

Savvy DeFi was born to empower everyone to “Borrow Like a Billionaire” by unlocking their liquidity and giving an advance on their future yield immediately, with non-liquidating self-repaying lines of credit. Savvy DeFi allows one to essentially borrow against their crypto and can be the foundation of the new era of banking.

Savvy DeFi will deploy on the Avalanche C-Chain for security, speed and low gas fees. Savvy’s Mission is to grow the Avax ecosystem and build with the terrific Avalanche culture and community.

Savvy DeFi is built with the interests and philosophy of serving the community with efficiency, fairness, and transparency. Savvy DeFi believes strongly in the power of education and is working with the community to create content that will educate and inform users on making savvy, informed financial decisions.

This is a decentralized protocol created by a group of passionate and devoted people who see the freedom-giving powers of Web 3. The group’s common interest is to enable access to financial structures that were previously only accessible to a privileged few, improving the user experience, and working for a world where financial freedom and power are for everyone.

“Every day, we have to make decisions that come with a hidden opportunity cost. Looking at opportunity cost as the benefit we forego, we trade off one alternative to keep another. I spent my time at JPMorgan effectively seeing how opportunity costs were not an issue for the wealthiest amongst us, and I believe DeFi can offer similar opportunities to everyone too.” – Roman Giler – Co-Founder/Project Lead

Savvy’s Dual Balanced Fair Launch is getting closer, a way to create with the Web 3 community by providing open and fair access to all, without any pre-sale, reducing risk of price manipulation.

This Dual Balanced Fair Launch consists of two phases: An initial Liquidity Generation Event (LGE), and a consequent Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP). Each on its own has its pros and cons respectively, but together they allow Savvy DeFi to have a diversified Fair Launch that sets up the protocol for sustained health. While many protocols have used either, Byte Masons set a new precedent with this method to generate $34M

NFT communities inside the AVAX chain will be whitelisted. This will enable us to provide bonuses to both members of our community and the larger Avalanche community. This would guarantee that those who contributed to the success of the Avalanche and Savvy DeFi communities have a voice.

Savvy DeFi will be releasing more information over the course of the month and be hosting AMA’s on twitter and in our discord. Join us Friday 9/23/22 12PM EST for an AMA with Chainstack.

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