Technological Advancement: Feed3 Offers Better Approaches to the Blockchain Space Over Polkadot and Cardano

Web 3.0 has become a very important part of today’s technological advances because it is the next phase of advancement. With many innovations using the space, such as the metaverse, virtual reality, NFTs, and so on, Web 3.0 still functions at a very early stage. Many companies and corporations have found ways to make Web 3.0 a part of their technological advances and inventions because of the new and amazing features it offers. Years ago, no one would have believed virtual gaming to be possible. Although it was fantasized by many, the actualization of such fantasies could only be wishful thinking at the time. Now, this is possible with Web 3.0.


With its newness in technology, setbacks and oversights are to be expected. This oversight is what the Feed3 platform has seen, with a solution being developed to help the space overcome such a problem. It has been noticed that users on Web 3.0 do not have a way to pass their thoughts and suggestions to the team and developers. This is why Feed3 (FD3) has developed an AI voice recording mechanism to help in this aspect of the space.

What does Polkadot (DOT) Provide?

Using blockchain technology, Polkadot (DOT) serves the needs of those looking to go into the blockchain space, providing the necessary tools to create their blockchain projects. When these projects are created on the Polkadot software, they can follow their respective roadmaps in selling pre-sale tokens to raise funds and launching on an exchange, whatever niche they were created for. The utility token, Polkadot (DOT), is the token that fuels and sustains the Polkadot platform. It has raised a total of 200 million USD (estimated) to help fund the necessary activities and upgrades to improve the platform and stay at the top of the crypto market chart. When these Polkadot (DOT) tokens are staked, rewards and incentives are calculated and given to the stakers according to the amount staked. This will help encourage their effort in the sustenance of the platform. The users and purchasers are part of the platform’s governance and vote on important matters concerning the Polkadot platform’s growth and welfare.

The Cardano (ADA) Token and Its Community-backed Ecosystem

Cardano is a platform that uses the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) paradigm to enable users and developers to build their software blockchain apps, such as Decentralized Apps (dApps). Created in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, the platform is maintained by the Cardano foundation, the IOHR, and Emurgo. The utility token, Cardano (ADA), has a total of 31 billion tokens minted. Not a bad value in today’s world of everyday minted tokens. Cardano (ADA) is used in transactional activities such as transactional trading and fee payment.


Transactions cannot be performed on the platform without the use of the Cardano (ADA) tokens. Also, when applications are to be built on the Cardano platform, the Cardano (ADA) tokens are utilized to purchase the necessary software and code keys to make this possible. With Cardano (ADA), community members can also participate in its governance, thereby providing a democratic platform for everyone in the ecosystem. When these tokens are held, incentives and rewards are also given as part of the mechanism on which it was designed.

Feed3 (FD3) is Set to Offer More than Polkadot (DOT) and Cardano (ADA) Ever Will!

Feed3 is a platform developed to satisfy users’ needs and advance the Web 3.0 space through blockchain technology. With an AI called Freeda serving as the user’s recording piece, a feedback mechanism is formed whereby users can lay complaints and suggestions on how they want the Feed3 platform to serve them. The utility token, Feed3 (FD3), is the token responsible for governing the Feed3 platform. Members of the community who possess the Feed3 (FD3) tokens can also participate in this governance by making key decisions on how they want the platform. These decisions are then screened and carried out by the team and developers of the platform. An example of this governance is shown in the feedback mechanism where the users record voice notes using the Artificial Intelligence recorder, Freeda, to pass information and requests on what they want to change, or add to the platform. This way, they are a part of the governance of the system.


The Feed3 (FD3) token also rewards users who make these voice notes on suggestions to help the platform grow and advance. Through this means, more users will be encouraged to speak out, which further leads to the betterment of Feed3. When customers are satisfied, businesses thrive. This is the logic applied in this scenario. Unlike Polkadot (DOT) and Cardano (ADA), which are still stuck in Web 2.0, Feed3 (FD3) will be able to offer more use cases because of its versatility.


Through the gaming platform incorporated within Feed3, users can also earn incentives when they play the game on the platform. The reward will also be earned in Feed3 (FD3) tokens and given according to the amount of time spent on the game, the ranking of characters in the game, a position attained during competitions or battles, and so much more. For this to be broad, partnerships have been made with gaming firms that have agreed to the reward system crafted by the team and developers.


Partnerships Made by Feed3 (FD3)

  1. Alienworlds: This game uses 3 blockchain networks for its functionality. The blockchain networks are Ethereum, WAX, and BNB smart chain.


  1. Splinterlands: this is a Non-fungible token (NFT) gaming platform where users can win in-game rewards when they battle monster characters on the platform. It was built on the HIVE and WAX blockchain networks and featured the issuance of cards (283, to be precise) as a reward for players to upgrade their characters with more amazing abilities.


  1. Game of Truth: This gaming platform was created using blockchain technology. Battles can be organized, and players can earn card rewards when they win these battles.


  1. X World games: this is simply a game created to open the eyes of non-crypto enthusiasts and bring them into the crypto world through gaming.


It should be noted that these gaming platforms already have their existing reward systems, so what Feed 3 will do is introduce its token, Feed3 (FD3), as a further rewarding token on these platforms. When its feedback mechanism is incorporated, the gaming platforms will see a tremendous change in their various platforms regarding growth through customer satisfaction which the Feed3 (FD3) token provides.


The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Known as Freeda

As an AI, Freeda is packed with a lot of usability scenarios. Its neural network algorithm can determine the number of Feed3 (FD3) tokens to give players when they record feedback on their experiences playing games on its platform. It determines this with certain factors.


  1. The length of the recording is the total number of words contained in a recording. The player with the higher number of exact words will get the most rewards.


  1. When emotions are shown in a recording, it is also read by Freeda to know which player deserves more Feed3 (FD3) tokens than the other.


  1. It determines how accurate and precise the recording is.


  1. It also determines if the recording is authentic or just a facade.


For users to record their audio feedback, special hardware equipment is not needed, as the recorder on the phone or desktop or whatever device to be used will suffice. For the recording to come out smooth and without any hitches, Freeda has been embedded with the following:


  1. A speech-processing technology


  1. An audio classification software


  1. An onset detection algorithm


  1. Technology that cancels interference of noises


  1. A speedy recorded data transfer mechanism


What Roadmap Guarantees the Success of The Feed3 Project?

The roadmap that ensures this project succeeds has been designed and shared by the team members into 5 phases.


In the first phase, the Website will be launched, the Whitepaper for the platform will be released, audio data will be collated, and the building of Freeda will begin.


In the second phase, the Feed3 (FD3) token will undergo its private sale, the FB2E model will be developed, partnerships on blockchains will be built, and the Feed3 (FD3) token will be listed on coinmarketcap.


In the third phase, the Feed3 (FD3) token will undergo its public pre-sale, the beta version of the FB2E and the product demo will be launched, the first batch of the platform NFTs will be produced, and there will be collaborations with major influencers to help spread the news about the token and the platform.


In the fourth phase, the development of the decentralized applications will begin, play-to-earn partnerships will also begin, Freeda will be completed, and the Feed3 (FD3) tokens will be listed on Centralized Exchanges (CEXs).


In the fifth phase, metaverse partnerships will be made, the decentralized FD3 app will be completed, the BBI (Bug Bounty Initiative) will be launched, and the platform will bridge into other blockchains.


How Can You Purchase These Feed3 (FD3) Tokens?

  1. Have MetaMask on your desktop or trust wallet on your mobile device.


  1. Enter the Website in the wallet browser. Fill in the necessary information and select a token to be used to purchase Feed3 (FD3) tokens.


  1. When the pre-sale is done, tokens will be sent to your wallet.

Before purchasing crypto tokens, it is often advised to do proper research on the token and platform on which it operates. Although Feed3 (FD3) is equipped with these features, it is still a cryptocurrency. Thus its prices cannot be in a fixed position. It all depends on how it is used when it is finally launched, so care has to be taken.